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Andrew M. Lerman, MD

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Over the past 20 years, there has been a revolution in the technology available to diagnose and treat a variety of neurological disorders. Dedicated to providing the latest advancements in neurology to their patients, the team at Gables Neurology in Miami, Florida, participates in clinical trials. It brings Andrew Lerman, MD and the team immense joy to offer these innovative solutions to their patients and families. To learn more about the clinical trials at Gables Neurology, call the office or request a consultation online today.

Clinical Trials Q & A

What are clinical trials?

Clinical trials are medical studies that involve people. The purpose of the studies is to find new safe and effective ways to prevent, detect, or treat diseases. 

Dr. Lerman believes the future of neurology is upon him, and he is entering an era where extensive innovations in medicine and therapies are changing the future treatments for his neurology patients.  

With his constant desire to learn more and do more for his patients, Dr. Lerman is honored to have the privilege and opportunity to offer many of the latest advancements in treatments for neurology patients through clinical research and drug trials. 

It brings him and the team immense joy to be able to offer these solutions to their patients and families.

Who can participate in clinical trials?

Dr. Lerman and the team determine who can participate in their clinical trials after a comprehensive evaluation. To get accurate data, clinical trials have set criteria for their participants. 

The criteria may include age, symptoms, diagnosis, medical history, and previous treatments. To participate in a clinical trial at Gables Neurology, you must meet the set criteria. 

Gables Neurology is a full-service neurology practice dedicated to providing their patients the best treatments available. If they think you can benefit from the treatment provided in the clinical trial, they do their best to include you. 

However, in addition to the set criteria, clinical trial participants must strictly adhere to the research guidelines. That may include taking only the medication given through the trial and attending the office visits as scheduled.

Failure to fully comply with the clinical trial guidelines may disqualify you from further participation. 

What can I expect when participating in clinical trials?

The specifics of your clinical trial at Gables Neurology may depend on your diagnosis and study. However, you can expect comprehensive evaluations and treatment from the team at Gables Neurology when participating in the clinical trial.

Additionally, all of your exams, tests, treatments, therapies, and medication, are at no cost to you. Some clinical trials pay you to participate.

The team at Gables Neurology provides the details of the clinical trial at your initial consultation, so you know what to expect. 

Clinical trials are an opportunity for you and the team at Gables Neurology to use the most advanced treatment options for your neurological condition. Call the office or request an appointment online to learn more about clinical trials.