Concierge Neurology

Gables Neurology

Andrew M. Lerman, MD

Adult Neurology & Epilepsy Specialist located in Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Miami, FL

Concierge Neurology represents a premium, non-insurance covered service tailored for patients desiring a more personalized and attentive care experience. This specialized offering includes a suite of benefits aimed at enhancing patient convenience and access to healthcare services. Patients enjoy exclusive amenities such as a dedicated phone line for direct communication with the office team during and after hours, the availability of next-day appointments, expedited processing of referrals and prior authorizations, longer appointment durations, among other advantages. Designed for individuals requiring extra care and attention, Concierge Neurology enables a more focused and leisurely pace of care, allowing healthcare providers to allocate additional time to meet the unique needs of each patient. This model of care is ideal for those seeking an elevated level of support and interaction with their neurology care team, as well as international patients seeking support from afar.